Alternate Route for Iron Knee/Tender Knee

Due to construction in Quarry Park and Deep Cove we are altering the finish location for both Iron Knee and Tender Knee in 2022. Race start locations remain the same however the finish line

for both events will be at the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. The course essentially stays the same until the top of the infamous Powerline climb. At that point both the Iron Knee and Tender Knee course continues to climb up Mushroom trail and then wind its way up and downhill, looping around until the finish line at the LSCR.

Join us on Saturday, May 14th, at 08:30 a.m. at the overflow parking lot of the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve for a free orientation run. We will be running the altered section of the course first (basically the Tender Knee route) and then adding on for Iron Knee racers.