Our frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) are organized into three categories: clinics, races and volunteering. If you still have questions, please contact us.


How do I register for a clinic?

You may register on the Foretrails website or in person on the first day of the clinic.

When does clinic registration close?

Online clinic registration closes one week after the clinic start date. Why? Well, some folks like to drop-in to the first clinic to ensure it is right for them before they sign up.

What is your refund policy?

We want to support our clinic members whenever possible, as well as being fair to everyone. Please see our Registration Policy for details.

Do you allow drop-ins?

Yes, we do! We have drop-in fees that are comparable to the cost of the clinic. If you are a new drop-in please check-in with Ken, Cindy or a clinic leader so we can get you set up (e.g.: show you the Sign In-Out Sheet, get a map, etc.)

What is included with clinic registration?

Ten weeks of skills-based training sessions for all levels of trail runners – from new to experienced. Clinic entry includes Saturday trail runs, Wednesday night speed workouts, guest speakers, race entry fee, detailed route descriptions, clinic gift, discount at Forerunners, major fun and a chance to meet some great people!

Where does the clinic meet?

The first week of the clinic always meets at the Forerunners North Vancouver store at 8:30 a.m. Every week following, we meet at 8:30 a.m. at different trailhead locations. You will receive an email with the upcoming Saturday trailhead location. A Trailhead List with all the meeting places is also available on the website.

What if I need to miss a week?

No problem. Life happens. If you want a copy of the week’s route, just let us know (please do not run alone if you are unfamiliar with the trails).

What do I need to bring for the clinic?

Dress appropriately for the weather and remember that it can change significantly. Have a good pair of trail shoes. If you are trying trail running for the first time, you can get away with road runners for the first week, but once we start into the more technical trails a good pair of trail shoes is a must for safety and stability. Carry hydration and fuel. Bring some warm, dry clothing to change into after your run.

What do clinic leaders do?

Clinic Leaders are friendly, enthusiastic volunteers who bring their extensive knowledge and expertise of trail running to our clinic members. They lead different distances and pace groups through the Saturday training runs, making sure that no one is left behind. During the runs they will share tips on trail running technique, gear, hydration, fuel, trail navigation, safety, trail etiquette and a whole lot more!

How do I become a clinic leader?

Are you a friendly individual who is enthusiastic about sharing their extensive knowledge of trail running and the North Shore trail systems with all levels of trail runners – from beginners to experienced? Do you like being part of a great team that is interested in building and supporting the trail running community? Do you like working for free? Just kidding, unadulterated love and appreciation are priceless! If you meet all these criteria, contact us.


How do I register for a race?

You may register on the Foretrails website up to two days prior to the race date. Race day registration is available IF spaces are still available. You must arrive 30 minutes early and it is a cash only transaction.

How do I know if I am registered?

You may confirm your registration on the Race Roster website. Search by race name and choose “confirm registration” from the menu.

When does registration close?

Online registration closes at midnight, two days prior to race day. Registration is available on race day IF there is available space (cash only transaction).

Is there early bird registration?

Yes. There are two price increases for registration leading up to race day. The earlier you register, the lower your registration fee.

What is your refund policy?

We understand that life happens, and racers sometimes need to pull out of a race. We want to support our runners whenever possible, as well as being fair to everyone. Please see our Registration Policy for details.

Is there a minimum age for race entry?

We do not have “Kids” races, however, youth are welcome to participate with parental consent and if they are able to complete the event within the maximum allowable time. Participants under the age of 19 years of age must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver.

What are the course distances?

Our events typically have two to three distances, with more for the Dirty Duo due to the addition of a mountain bike category and relays. Distances will range from 10K up to 50K.

What type of terrain does the course cover?

Our race courses offer a variety of terrain, from undulating double track to challenging single track. The trails are well maintained; however, you may occasionally find things such as downed-trees, squishy mud or impromptu stream crossings. The technical level of trails will vary, and you will always find a hill or two! Remember, there is no shame in walking a section(s) of the course. It is always recommended to run on the course prior to the race. Foretrails offers orientation runs for all our events and distances.

What skill level is required for this course?

Our events offer something for every level of trail running experience. All our courses are challenging, however, if you are newer to trail running we would recommend gaining trail racing experience with a shorter distance race. Our longer distances, marathon and 50K, are for runners who have trail racing experience and are NOT recommended for beginners. If you are new to trail running and would like to gain trail knowledge and experience, please join one of our Foretrails clinics.

What skill level is required for the mountain bike section of the Dirty Duo race? I am certainly comfortable on my bike but can’t do big drops or ride across this 5cm width logs.

The terrain is technically challenging on some of the flats and uphills. There are various options to go around big stunts. If you want a challenge and a good workout with lots of fun, then come on out. It’s a tough course and it’s meant to be that way, but not impossible. You may check around on the web for more detailed trail descriptions, for example on the Trailforks site.

What is an average finishing time?

The average finishing time will depend on the course distance, terrain and weather conditions. Every event has a course closure time and our long-distance races (marathon and 50K) have cut off times. Course records for individual races can be found on our website.

Is there a cut-off time?

Our long-distance races (marathon and 50K) have cut off times. You may find these on our website for each individual race.

Where may I get a map and course description?

Map and course descriptions may be found on our website, on the individual race page.

Are there aid stations on course?

Yes, we have aid stations on every race course. The numbers and locations for each race may be found on the individual race page on our website. All aid station will have hydration and fuel, however; we are a cupless race, so you must bring your own drinking vessel on the course.

Where will race results be posted?

Race results are available on the individual race page of our website.

What else do I need to know about the race course?

Our race courses may take you through Provincial Parks, Crown Lands, residential areas and private property. Routes are open to the public on race days, including hikers, mountain bikers and other runners. Some trails allow dogs off leash. Please be alert and courteous of other trail users and local residents. Review our Race Rules and Etiquette for more information.

Where do I pick up my race package and race number?

There are two options. On Friday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Forerunners North Vancouver store, or on race day at the race start area. You must arrive at least 30 minutes early if you are picking up on race day.

May I pick up my race package, including race number, on race day?

Yes. Please arrive at least 30 minutes early if you are picking up your race package and number on race day.

May I pick up a race package, including race number, for someone else?

Yes, provided the individual has registered online or a paper registration form with signed waiver has been completed and payment made.

Where do I place my race (bib) number?

On your front, where it is visible to course marshals. We track racers on the course at various locations and if we can’t see your number, it’s like you were never there.

Do I need special footwear?

From a safety and performance perspective, it is recommended that you use footwear designed specifically for trail running. This will help you with stability as you navigate rocks, roots and mud and help protect you from injuries.

Is there storage for my dry bag?

Yes. You can check-in a bag with dry cloths for after your race at the start area. For the Iron Knee/Tender Knee races, we will transport your dry bag to the finish area.

Is there storage for my mountain bike in the Dirty Duo race?

Yes. We will have racks for the mountain bikes and a volunteer keeping an eye on the bikes stored on the racks.

What awards are offered and when are they presented?

Awards are offered for the top three positions, male and female, for each race. Awards are presented on race day. Timing may vary depending on the location and weather. You can check the Schedule of Events for award times.

What do I need to bring?

Dress appropriately. Keep in mind that the weather may change significantly during a race, so be prepared. Carry hydration and fuel. Remember, these are challenging courses and while there are aid stations you may find you need hydration and fuel between. Bring dry, warm clothing to change into after your race.

Is there official photography?

When possible, we will have official photographers. Our community of volunteers and supporters also take some excellent photos. These are shared on our Facebook page and will also be available on the website in the future.

Are toilet facilities available?

YES! There will usually be a combination of local and portable toilet facilities available.


How do I become a volunteer?

If you would like to come out and support your fellow trail racers, friends, family or just like volunteering with a great group of people, contact us.

What is expected of volunteers?

We want our volunteers to enjoy the experience of supporting our racers throughout the event. Our volunteers will be well prepared by reviewing the race course, reading ALL volunteer information including the Volunteer Policy, arriving at the scheduled time, being ready for changing weather conditions and understanding how much the Foretrails Team and your fellow racers appreciate your contribution.

Do volunteers receive anything?

In addition to a ton of appreciation and thanks, volunteers who work four or more hours will receive a free entry into one of the Foretrails events (to be used within one year).