The Foretrails Run Series Team strives to keep our events challenging and fun while ensuring the safety of our racers and volunteers. This would be difficult to do without some written policies and rules. It would be impossible to do without our racers and volunteers’ participation. What does this mean?

For the Organizing Team it means:

Putting on a well-organized event including clear and thorough race information for our racers and volunteers, a well marked race course with marshals at key points along the course, good support at the start/finish area and along the course, available first aid,  clear  Registration Policy and all the other hundreds of things that go into a successful event.

For you, our racers, it means:

Having fun, being well prepared, reading ALL race information and asking questions if needed, reviewing the course, carrying nutrition and water, dressing appropriately for the weather, bringing dry clothes for post race and following Race Rules and Etiquette.

For our Volunteers it means:

Having fun supporting our racers, being well prepared for changing weather conditions, reading ALL volunteer information including the Volunteer Policy and asking questions if needed, reviewing the course, arriving at the scheduled time and understanding how much the Foretrails Run Series Team and your fellow racers appreciate your contribution.