This clinic will help prepare you for both the Hallow’s Eve and The Phantom Run race events. Our clinics page has detailed information on what’s included in each clinic and prerequisites for each clinic distance.

Clinic start date:             Saturday, September 10th, 2022
Clinic Fee:                         $140 – includes entry to 2 races!
Race Entry

Your race entry fee is included in the clinic fee; however, you must register separately for the race. We will send you a code and a reminder once we receive your clinic registration.

First Day of Clinic

We meet at LSCR parking lot at 8:30 a.m. on the first day of the clinic for introductions, a short clinic briefing and our first clinic run. See the trailhead location list for directions. Please note that many parks now have pay parking, so carpool with some friends.

Weekly Trailhead Meeting Place

The group meets at different locations every week. Click here for a printable version of the Trailhead List for Fall Clinic 2022.

Date/Week #
Meeting Place & DirectionsShortIntermediate/Long (Map)
Sept 10th
Week #1
8:30 @ Lower Seymour conservation Reserve
Meet in far (gravel) parking lot.
Translink: Route 228
5K11k - 20K
Sept 17th
Week #2
8:30 @ Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve
Meet in far (gravel) parking lot.
Translink: Route 228
7k14k - 24K
Sept 24th
Week #3
8:30 @ Old Buck Parking Lot
Anne McDonald Way just off Mt. Seymour Road.
Translink: Route 211 Phibbs/Seymour or Route C15 Phibbs/Indian River
9K17K - 27K
Oct 1nd
Week #4
8:30 @ Berkley Road
Park beside sport field, not on Hyannis.
Translink: Route 214
7K12K - 20K
Oct 8th
Week #5
8:30 @ Grouse Mountain
Drive to far end of right parking lot.
Translink: Route 232 or 236
9-9.5K19K - 30K
Oct 15th
Week #6
8:30 @ Inter River Park
Parking lot by BMX track.
Translink: Route 239 or 255
10K22K - 34K
Oct 22rd
Week #7
8:30 @ Cleveland Dam Park
Watch for parking restrictions.
Translink: Route 232 or 236
5K11K - 15K
Oct 29th
Hallow's Eve
Week #8
RACE DAY @ Inter River Park
Translink: Route 239 or 255
10K22K - 42K
Nov 5th
Week #9
8:30 @ Lynn Headwaters Park
Meet in 1st overflow lot closest to Mills House.
Translink: Route 228
6K10K - 12K
Nov 12th
Phantom Run
Week #10
RACE DAY @ Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve
Translink: Route 228 Lynn Valley/Lonsdale Quay
12K19.5K - 25K

You may register online or at Forerunners North Shore via cash, credit card or debit.

Clinic Refund Policy

On the first day of the clinic, if you think that trail running is not for you, we will offer a full refund. If you are injured for 50% or more of the clinic, you may attend another trail clinic of the same distance (e.g.: you may attend another short course clinic if you are currently enrolled in a short course distance). This does not include race entry fees – we have separate Registration Policy for races.