Dirty Duo Race Update #2

Hello Racers

Once again, the weather has been a cause of frustration for everyone. Race Organizers were out on the trails this morning assessing the condition of the race course. There is a mix of conditions with packed snow at the higher elevation and snow/ice at the mid/lower elevations. The temperatures are expected to rise over the next several days, but not enough to drastically change course conditions. Our runners have been out on the course with spiked traction devices. Sadly, our mountain bike guru has advised against bikes on the course. Please read to the bottom of this document for important information. We thank everyone for your patience and understanding.

RACE STATUS:        

    • Traction Devices are Mandatory – spikes highly recommended.
    • 50K start time is 0730 hours
    • 50K cut-off time to start second loop is now Noon.

Trail Conditions: There is a mix of conditions with packed snow at the higher elevation and snow/ice at the mid/lower elevations.


  • The 50K run will start earlier at 0730 hours.
  • The entire course will be opened as planned for runners.
  • Traction devices are mandatory. We highly recommend larger spikes for the icy areas of the course.
  • For 2019 we are allowing racers to use poles.
  • Carry extra fuel and hydration (the course will be slow, and it will take you longer between aid stations)
  • Carry a jacket and/or emergency blanket (If you have an incident on the trail it may take time before we can get to you.)

Race Start Times:
07:30 a.m. – 50K Run
10:00 a.m. – 30K Run
1:00 p.m. – 15K Run

Race Cut-Off Times:    NEW CUT-OFF TIME

  • Noon cut-off time for 50K Run (Aid Station #1 at Twin Bridge & Fisherman’s Trail)
  • 4:00 p.m. cut-of time for all racers heading back to the Finish Line at Aid Station #1 at Baden-Powell & Fisherman’s Trail. You will be pulled off the course and transported back to the start/finish area.
  • 4:30 p.m. the course closes.

Mandatory Check-In: All racers must check in at each aid station. Call out your bib number and make sure you have been heard by a volunteer. This is for safety reasons. Not checking-in may result in a disqualification.

Bib Numbers:      Your Bib Number must be visible on your front always.

Parking:  There is limited parking at the start/finish line. You can park at Capilano College and walk to the start/finish line. Do NOT park at Jaycee House – you will be towed.


  • Deferrals (to 2020 Dirty Duo) are available. This includes 30K bike only, relay teams and solo entrants.
    1. Mountain Bike 30K are welcome to convert to a 30K run event.
    2. Solo entrants are welcome to convert to 50K or 30K run.
    3. Relay Teams
      1. Both team members may convert to 30K run event.
      2. Runner may transfer to 30K event and Biker defer to 2020.
  • Both may defer as a team to 2020.


IMPORTANT! Changing Events

If you would like to change your event you must notify us by 2200 hours (10 p.m.) Thursday, March 7th, at foretrails@forerunners.ca. This includes changing to:

  1. A shorter distance, or
  2. From Mountain bike to run, or
  3. Relay or Solo to a run only

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We thank everyone for your patience and understanding!